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Which of these is not a port city on the Arabian Sea ?

[A] Mangalore
[B] Panaji
[C] Vishakhapatnam
[D] Mumbai
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Bholu Kagathara
Bholu Kagathara - 16 hours ago

Bholu Kagathara is saying Mumbai is correct answer

DivYa ThaPa
DivYa ThaPa - 1 month ago

DivYa ThaPa is saying Vishakhapatnam is correct answer

Tatva Jain
Tatva Jain - 1 month ago

Tatva Jain is saying Vishakhapatnam is correct answer

Dipak Patil
Dipak Patil - 2 months ago

Dipak Patil is saying Panaji is correct answer

Rayyan Nemat Khan
Rayyan Nemat Khan - 2 months ago

Rayyan Nemat Khan is saying Vishakhapatnam is correct answer

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