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According to the TRA Brand Trust Report 2018, which is the most trusted Internet brand in India?

[A] Amazon
[B] Facebook
[C] Google
[D] Flipkart
[E] Uber
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Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma - 1 year ago

Vivek Sharma from New Delhi, India is saying Amazon is correct answer

Mairag Senjaliya
Mairag Senjaliya - 1 year ago

Mairag Senjaliya from Surat, India is saying Amazon is correct answer

Sudhir Kharwar
Sudhir Kharwar - 1 year ago

Sudhir Kharwar from Lucknow, India is saying Amazon is correct answer

Deepali Das
Deepali Das - 2 years ago

Deepali Das from Aurangabad, India is saying Flipkart is correct answer

nainsi jaiswal
nainsi jaiswal - 2 years ago

nainsi jaiswal from Delhi, India is saying Google is correct answer

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