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He tames animals because he ......

[A] is fond of them
[B] hates them
[C] is afraid of them
[D] want to set them free
[E] seldom loves them
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Sathya - 3 months ago

Sathya is saying is afraid of them is correct answer

Kanak Vineet
Kanak Vineet - 7 months ago

Kanak Vineet from Ghaziabad, India is saying is fond of them is correct answer

Swati Bellani
Swati Bellani - 2 years ago

Swati Bellani from Jalalpur, India is saying seldom loves them is correct answer

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He always stammers in public meetings, but his today's speech ......

  • [A] was fairly audible to everyone present in the hall
  • [B] was not received satisfactorily
  • [C] could not be understood properly
  • [D] was not liked by the audience
  • [E] was free from that defect

"Whatever Dev uttered was without rhyme or reason" means ......

  • [A] Dev could not recite any poem or speech
  • [B] Dev said something which has no meaning, it was totally baseless
  • [C] Dev was talking something which was beyond our experience
  • [D] Dev spoke flatly without any emotion or reason
  • [E] Dev did not refer to any poem to support his statements

Dinesh is as stupid as he is lazy means ......

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  • [C] Dinesh is either stupid or lazy
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Despite his best efforts to conceal his anger ......

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  • [B] he failed to give us an impression of his agony
  • [C] he succeeded in camouflaging his emotions
  • [D] he could succeed in doing it easily
  • [E] people came to know that he was annoyed

It is not easy to remain tranquil when those around you ......

  • [A] behave in a socially acceptable manner
  • [B] exhibit pleasant mannerism
  • [C] are losing their heads
  • [D] agree to whatever you say
  • [E] exhibit generous and magnanimous gestures