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He tames animals because he ......

[A] is fond of them
[B] hates them
[C] is afraid of them
[D] want to set them free
[E] seldom loves them
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Kanak Vineet
Kanak Vineet - 1 month ago

Kanak Vineet from Ghaziabad, India is saying is fond of them is correct answer

Swati Bellani
Swati Bellani - 2 years ago

Swati Bellani from Jalalpur, India is saying seldom loves them is correct answer

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His behaviour is so unpredictable that he ......

  • [A] never depends upon others for getting his work done
  • [B] is seldom trusted by others
  • [C] always finds it difficult to keep his word
  • [D] always insists on getting the work completed on time
  • [E] seldom trusts others as far as the work schedule is concerned

He is so lazy that he ......

  • [A] cannot depend on others for getting his work done
  • [B] cannot delay the schedule of completing the work
  • [C] can seldom complete his work on time
  • [D] dislike to postpone the work that he undertakes to do
  • [E] always help others to complete their work

Dinesh is as stupid as he is lazy means ......

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  • [B] Dinesh is lazy because he is stupid
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  • [E] Dinesh is equally stupid and lazy

Although initial investigations pointed towards him ......

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  • [D] the subsequent events proved that he was innocent
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I felt somewhat more relaxed ......

  • [A] but tense as compared to earlier
  • [B] and tense as compared to earlier
  • [C] as there was already no tension at all
  • [D] and tension-free as compared to earlier
  • [E] because the worry had already captured by mind