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With great efforts his son succeeded in convincing him not to donate his entire wealth to an orphanage ......

[A] and lead the life of a wealthy merchant
[B] but to a home for the forsaken children
[C] and make an orphan of himself
[D] as the orphanage needed a lot of donations
[E] as the orphanage had been set up by him
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Kanak Vineet
Kanak Vineet - 1 month ago

Kanak Vineet from Ghaziabad, India is saying and make an orphan of himself is correct answer

Swati Bellani
Swati Bellani - 2 years ago

Swati Bellani from Jalalpur, India is saying but to a home for the forsaken children is correct answer

Mohd Sahil
Mohd Sahil - 2 years ago

Mohd Sahil from India is saying and lead the life of a wealthy merchant is correct answer

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