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It is not easy to remain tranquil when those around you ......

[A] behave in a socially acceptable manner
[B] exhibit pleasant mannerism
[C] are losing their heads
[D] agree to whatever you say
[E] exhibit generous and magnanimous gestures
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HARKESH PANDAT 777 - 11 months ago

HARKESH PANDAT 777 from Palwal, India is saying exhibit pleasant mannerism is correct answer

Srinivasan Srini
Srinivasan Srini - 1 year ago

Srinivasan Srini from Kottayam, India is saying are losing their heads is correct answer

Deepali Das
Deepali Das - 1 year ago

Deepali Das from Aurangabad, India is saying are losing their heads is correct answer

Tshewang Bhutia
Tshewang Bhutia - 1 year ago

Tshewang Bhutia from Gangtok, India is saying exhibit generous and magnanimous gestures is correct answer

Shantanu Chauhan
Shantanu Chauhan - 1 year ago

Shantanu Chauhan from Ghaziabad, India is saying are losing their heads is correct answer

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It was an extremely pleasant surprise for the hutment-dweller when the Government officials told him that ......

  • [A] he had to vacate hutment which he had been unauthorisedly occupying
  • [B] he had been gifted with a furnished apartment in a multi-storeyed building
  • [C] he would be arrested for wrongfully encroaching on the pavement outside his dwelling
  • [D] they would not accede to his request
  • [E] they had received the orders from the court to take possession of all his belongings

Dinesh is as stupid as he is lazy means ......

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In order to raise company's profit, the employees ......

  • [A] demanded two additional increments
  • [B] decided to go on paid holidays
  • [C] requested the management to implement new welfare schemes
  • [D] offered to work overtime without any compensation
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Unless you work harder you will fail, means ......

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  • [C] hardly you will fail if you do not desire so
  • [D] if you do not put more efforts, then you will fail
  • [E] if you only work and work alone, you will fail

He is so lazy that he ......

  • [A] cannot depend on others for getting his work done
  • [B] cannot delay the schedule of completing the work
  • [C] can seldom complete his work on time
  • [D] dislike to postpone the work that he undertakes to do
  • [E] always help others to complete their work