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What is the percentage of vegetarian students in class 12?

[A] 40
[B] 45
[C] 50
[D] 55

Directions (1-3): The proportion of male student and proportion of vegetarian in a school are given below. The school has a total of 800 students, 80% of whom are in the Secondary Section and rest equally divided between Class 11 and 12.

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Basavaraj Patil
Basavaraj Patil - 2 months ago

Basavaraj Patil from Athani, India is saying 45 is correct answer

Aditya Kumar Sharma
Aditya Kumar Sharma - 1 year ago

Aditya Kumar Sharma from Kolkata, India is saying 50 is correct answer

Sagar Roy
Sagar Roy - 2 years ago

Sagar Roy is saying 50 is correct answer

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