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What is number of units demanded in B?

[A] 350
[B] 400
[C] 450
[D] 500

Directions (9-12): The following figure represents flow of natural gas through pipeline between major cities A, B, C, D and E (in suit able unit). Assume that supply equals demand. Refer to it and answer the following questions.

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What was the overall average expenditure of Company C in all the years together?

  • [A] Rs. 190 lakhs
  • [B] Rs. 120 lakhs
  • [C] Rs. 180 lakhs
  • [D] Rs. 150 lakhs

Quantity moved Avanti to Vidisha is :

  • [A] 200
  • [B] 800
  • [C] 700
  • [D] 1000

The percentage change in which of the mentioned areas is the highest over the period 2000-03?

  • [A] Workforce
  • [B] Productivity
  • [C] Production
  • [D] Workforce and Production both