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Google recently marked the birth anniversary of which late Indian actor-singer with a google doodle?

[A] Ashok Kumar
[B] K. L. Saigal
[C] Dev Anand
[D] Rajesh Khanna
[E] Kishor Kumar
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nainsi jaiswal
nainsi jaiswal - 1 year ago

nainsi jaiswal from Delhi, India is saying Dev Anand is correct answer

Khushbu Shaikh
Khushbu Shaikh - 2 years ago

Khushbu Shaikh from Mumbai, India is saying Kishor Kumar is correct answer

Gatikrushna Das
Gatikrushna Das - 2 years ago

Gatikrushna Das from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Kishor Kumar is correct answer

Munna Bhai
Munna Bhai - 2 years ago

Munna Bhai from Angul, India is saying Dev Anand is correct answer

AditYa GUpta
AditYa GUpta - 2 years ago

AditYa GUpta from Kolkata, India is saying K. L. Saigal is correct answer

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