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A person who is jovial and fond of festivities.

[A] sceptic
[B] nihilist
[C] convivialist
[D] philatelist
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balwant singh
balwant singh - 4 years ago

balwant singh from Delhi, India is saying convivialist is correct answer

Manshi - 4 years ago

Manshi from Delhi, India is saying sceptic is correct answer

Joycee Khanna
Joycee Khanna - 4 years ago

Joycee Khanna from Hyderabad, India is saying philatelist is correct answer

Swayamprabha Mishra
Swayamprabha Mishra - 4 years ago

Swayamprabha Mishra from Bhubaneswar, India is saying convivialist is correct answer

fida ahmed
fida ahmed - 4 years ago

fida ahmed from Karachi, Pakistan is saying convivialist is correct answer

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