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FSSAI asks states to roll out which project to ensure that devotees are served safe prasad at places of worship?

[E] None of the above
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India’s largest lender is hoping to capitalize on the country’s shadow banking crisis by building its ________.

  • [A] mortgage
  • [B] small business loan book
  • [C] shares
  • [D] Both 1 and 2
  • [E] All are correct

In April 2020, which of the following ministries has revamped its website with a dynamic homepage and features like social media integration with better video uploading facility?

  • [A] Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • [B] Ministry of Home Affairs
  • [C] Ministry of Shipping
  • [D] Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
  • [E] Ministry of Defence

Who is the Founder of Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)?
इन्स्टिटूट ओफ एकनामिक्स एंड पीस (आईईपी) के संस्थापक कौन है?

  • [A] Widad Akrawi 
    विधान अकरावी
  • [B] Klas Pontus Arnoldson 
    क्लास पोंटस अर्नोल्डसन
  • [C] Vittorio Arrigoni
    विक्टोरियो  एरीगोनी
  • [D] Helen Caldicott
    हेलेन कालडीकाट
  • [E] Steve Killelea
    स्टीव किल्लेलिया 

The Trump administration has suspended more than a decade-long military training programme of which personnel at the US institutions?

  • [A] Chinese personnel
  • [B] Indian personnel
  • [C] Pakistani personnel
  • [D] Japanese personnel
  • [E] Russian personnel