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A person who has a mean and cowardly soul.

[A] coward
[B] knight
[C] chivalrous
[D] pusillanimous
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pipi gebu - 5 years ago

Answer: D. pusillanimous

Albina N muro
Albina N muro - 1 month ago

Albina N muro from Hyderabad, Pakistan is saying pusillanimous is correct answer

Abdul Bari Chanessra
Abdul Bari Chanessra - 1 month ago

Abdul Bari Chanessra from Lahore, Pakistan is saying chivalrous is correct answer

Dhruv Yadav
Dhruv Yadav - 5 months ago

Dhruv Yadav is saying pusillanimous is correct answer

Siddharth Bajpai
Siddharth Bajpai - 6 months ago

Siddharth Bajpai from Salem, India is saying coward is correct answer

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