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A person who is generous and has an exalted soul ?

[A] magnanimous
[B] miser
[C] stingy
[D] frugal
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pipi gebu - 7 years ago

Answer: A. magnanimous

Deepak Pal
Deepak Pal - 4 years ago

Deepak Pal from India is saying frugal is correct answer

Manshi - 4 years ago

Manshi from Delhi, India is saying miser is correct answer

Joycee Khanna
Joycee Khanna - 4 years ago

Joycee Khanna from Hyderabad, India is saying magnanimous is correct answer

Swayamprabha Mishra
Swayamprabha Mishra - 4 years ago

Swayamprabha Mishra from Bhubaneswar, India is saying miser is correct answer

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