Davinder Singh
Davinder Singh - 1 year ago in Direction Sense Test

Which of the following must be both south and west of Fredericktown?(a) Ashland (b) Coshocton(c) East Liverpool

[A] a only
[B] b only
[C] c only
[D] a & b
[E] a & c

Directions:Read the information given and answer the following questions.

1. Ashland is north of East Liverpool and west of Coshocton.

2. Bowling green is north of Ashland and west of Fredericktown.

3. Dover is south and east of Ashland.

4. East Liverpool is south and west of Fredericktown and west of Dover.

5. Fredericktown is north of Dover and north east of Ashland.

6. Coshocton is south of Fredericktown.

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Himanshu Bishwash
Himanshu Bishwash - 1 week ago

Himanshu Bishwash is saying a only is correct answer

Shubham Saini
Shubham Saini - 1 month ago

Shubham Saini is saying c only is correct answer

TLL - 10 months ago

TLL from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is saying b only is correct answer

Deep - 11 months ago

Deep from Vadodara, India is saying a & c is correct answer

Ankit upadhyay
Ankit upadhyay - 11 months ago

Ankit upadhyay from Delhi, India is saying a & b is correct answer

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