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When a green leaf is seen in red light, its colour will be

[A] Green
[B] Black
[C] Red
[D] Brown
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sahajan - 4 years ago

sahajan from Kolkata, India is saying Black is correct answer

Akshay Bhagat
Akshay Bhagat - 4 years ago

Akshay Bhagat from Bangalore, India is saying Brown is correct answer

Vishesh Gupta
Vishesh Gupta - 4 years ago

Vishesh Gupta from Ghaziabad, India is saying Black is correct answer

Bidhu Bhusan Majumdar
Bidhu Bhusan Majumdar - 4 years ago

Bidhu Bhusan Majumdar from Kolkata, India is saying Red is correct answer

Arbab Aziz
Arbab Aziz - 4 years ago

Arbab Aziz from Lucknow, India is saying Black is correct answer

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