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A man with abnormal habits.

[A] Eccentric
[B] Arrogant
[C] Self centred
[D] Supercilious
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pipi gebu - 6 years ago

a. eccentric

HaLLa Gulla Daily life
HaLLa Gulla Daily life - 4 weeks ago

HaLLa Gulla Daily life is saying Arrogant is correct answer

Faisal Aman
Faisal Aman - 1 month ago

Faisal Aman from Lahore, Pakistan is saying Supercilious is correct answer

Zafar Ali
Zafar Ali - 1 month ago

Zafar Ali from Pakistan is saying Self centred is correct answer

precious olofinbiyi
precious olofinbiyi - 3 months ago

precious olofinbiyi from Lagos, Nigeria is saying Eccentric is correct answer

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