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Which queen did Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas, serve in the guise of Sairandhari for one year ?

[A] Sanjana
[B] Satyavati
[C] Satyabhama
[D] Sudeshna
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Sasha Bedi
Sasha Bedi - 3 weeks ago

Sasha Bedi from Noida, India is saying Satyabhama is correct answer

Mojesh Munjet
Mojesh Munjet - 6 months ago

Mojesh Munjet from Kolkata, India is saying Satyabhama is correct answer

Ajaya Babu
Ajaya Babu - 9 months ago

Ajaya Babu is saying Sudeshna is correct answer

Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh - 1 year ago

Gaurav Singh is saying Sudeshna is correct answer

Shivam Chaudhary
Shivam Chaudhary - 1 year ago

Shivam Chaudhary is saying Sanjana is correct answer

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