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One who does a thing for pleasure and not as profession.

[A] Philanderer
[B] Amateur
[C] Empirical
[D] Imposter
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pipi gebu - 5 years ago

Answer: B. Amateur

Shivam - 5 days ago

Shivam from Patna, India is saying Amateur is correct answer

Hamza Iftikhar
Hamza Iftikhar - 2 weeks ago

Hamza Iftikhar from Islamabad, Pakistan is saying Amateur is correct answer

Albina N muro
Albina N muro - 3 weeks ago

Albina N muro from Hyderabad, Pakistan is saying Amateur is correct answer

Abdul Bari Chanessra
Abdul Bari Chanessra - 3 weeks ago

Abdul Bari Chanessra from Lahore, Pakistan is saying Philanderer is correct answer

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