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Eliminating or killing of a whole race ?

[A] Germicide
[B] Homicide
[C] Genocide
[D] Suicide
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pipi gebu - 5 years ago

Answer: C. Genocide

Venky S
Venky S - 1 month ago

Venky S is saying Homicide is correct answer

Nurlan Ismixanov
Nurlan Ismixanov - 1 month ago

Nurlan Ismixanov from Qusar, Azerbaijan is saying Suicide is correct answer

Shivam - 1 month ago

Shivam from Patna, India is saying Genocide is correct answer

Hamza Iftikhar
Hamza Iftikhar - 2 months ago

Hamza Iftikhar from Islamabad, Pakistan is saying Genocide is correct answer

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