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According to Hindu Mythology, out of these which one is also known as Mundmalini?

[A] Durga
[B] Savitri
[C] Menaka
[D] Rati
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Rohit Sen Gautam - 3 years ago

Goddess Kali is called mundamalini which means who wear skull's garland

Varun Pawar
Varun Pawar - 4 years ago

Varun Pawar from Ujjain, India is saying Durga is correct answer

Suranjan Das
Suranjan Das - 4 years ago

Suranjan Das from Thane, India is saying Durga is correct answer

Kalpana Vyas
Kalpana Vyas - 4 years ago

Kalpana Vyas from Udaipur, India is saying Durga is correct answer

Mahiya Singh
Mahiya Singh - 4 years ago

Mahiya Singh from Patna, India is saying Menaka is correct answer

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