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The wife of which of these legendary sportspersons was once captain of the Indian Volleyball team ?

[A] K D Jadhav
[B] Milkha Singh
[C] Dhyan Chand
[D] Prakash Padukone
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John Ravichandra - 3 years ago

B.Milkha Singh

manjusha devi - 3 years ago

B.Milkha Singh

Pinku - 4 months ago

Pinku from Bhopal, India is saying Milkha Singh is correct answer

Shubhendu Sarkar
Shubhendu Sarkar - 7 months ago

Shubhendu Sarkar from Mumbai, India is saying Dhyan Chand is correct answer

MDV Prasad
MDV Prasad - 7 months ago

MDV Prasad is saying Prakash Padukone is correct answer

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