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Which of these posts in India has been held by a woman?

[A] Chief Justice of India
[C] RBi Governor
[D] CBI Director
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Prem Vlogs - 2 weeks ago

Whose car do the protagonists of the movie ferrari ki sawari steal

Sankar Nath
Sankar Nath - 1 month ago

Sankar Nath is saying CBI Director is correct answer

Pawan Tomer
Pawan Tomer - 2 months ago

Pawan Tomer is saying CEC is correct answer

Yash Mutreja
Yash Mutreja - 3 months ago

Yash Mutreja is saying RBi Governor is correct answer

Bhavnaben Darji
Bhavnaben Darji - 6 months ago

Bhavnaben Darji from Mansa, India is saying Chief Justice of India is correct answer

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