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Bag and baggage

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To show a clean pair of heels

  • [A] to hide
  • [B] to escape
  • [C] to pursue
  • [D] to follow

To be at sea

  • [A] puzzled
  • [B] time just before an event
  • [C] praiseworthy
  • [D] to remember

In defense of

  • [A] in concrete terms
  • [B] in support of
  • [C] in consistency
  • [D] a lovable person

To hang back

  • [A] to snow unwillingness to act
  • [B] to withdraw
  • [C] to give up
  • [D] to rely on

In the teeth of ?

  • [A] real cause
  • [B] in the face of
  • [C] in the end
  • [D] to chase