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What is data structure?

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The initial configuration of the queue is a,b,c,d (a is the front end). To get the configuration d,c,b,a one needs a minimum of ?

  • [A] 2 deletions and 3 additions
  • [B] 3 additions and 2 deletions
  • [C] 3 deletions and 3 additions
  • [D] 3 deletions and 4 additions

Queue can be used to implement ?

  • [A] quick sort
  • [B] merge sort
  • [C] heap sort
  • [D] insertion sort

Which of the following statement is true ?

  • [A] Optimal binary search tree construction can be performed efficiently using dynamic programming.
  • [B] Breath first search cannot be used to find converted components of a graph.
  • [C] Given the prefix and post fix walks over a binary tree.The binary tree cannot be uniquely constructe
  • [D] Depth first search can be used to find connected components of a graph.

A vertex of degree one is called

  • [A] padent
  • [B] isolated vertex
  • [C] null vertex
  • [D] colored vertex

An IP address is a numeric quantity that identifies -

  • [A] a network adapter to other devices on the network
  • [B] the manufacturer of a computer
  • [C] the physical location of a computer
  • [D] none of the above