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Which of these usually changes colour as it grows?

[A] Lauki
[B] Tamatar
[C] Aaloo
[D] Bhindi
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Karan sharma
Karan sharma - 5 months ago

Karan sharma is saying Tamatar is correct answer

Rabinarayana Panda
Rabinarayana Panda - 7 months ago

Rabinarayana Panda from Bhubaneswar, India is saying Bhindi is correct answer

Raman Lubana Ghotra
Raman Lubana Ghotra - 10 months ago

Raman Lubana Ghotra is saying Lauki is correct answer

Rupal Shah
Rupal Shah - 1 year ago

Rupal Shah is saying Lauki is correct answer

Misba Malik
Misba Malik - 1 year ago

Misba Malik is saying Bhindi is correct answer

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