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Which of these animals has branched horns?

[A] Zebra
[B] Musk Deer
[C] Barasingha
[D] Rhinocerous
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Patel Dharmistha - 1 year ago

D is the right answer

LP HINDI - 5 months ago

LP HINDI from Indore, India is saying Barasingha is correct answer

Daroga yadav
Daroga yadav - 6 months ago

Daroga yadav is saying Zebra is correct answer

Nandita Goswami
Nandita Goswami - 7 months ago

Nandita Goswami is saying Rhinocerous is correct answer

Rajesh Paila
Rajesh Paila - 9 months ago

Rajesh Paila from Hyderabad, India is saying Musk Deer is correct answer

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