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Due to the weakness of which of these would you call someone "Bhulakkad"?

[A] Heart
[B] Liver
[C] Sight
[D] Memory
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Dhaval Bhodia
Dhaval Bhodia - 3 months ago

Dhaval Bhodia is saying Memory is correct answer

T M SAI PAVAN - 6 months ago

T M SAI PAVAN is saying Sight is correct answer

Diya Tandel
Diya Tandel - 7 months ago

Diya Tandel is saying Heart is correct answer

Pooja Dorwal
Pooja Dorwal - 1 year ago

Pooja Dorwal from Bengaluru, India is saying Memory is correct answer

Sweety - 1 year ago

Sweety from New Delhi, India is saying Memory is correct answer

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