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Which of the following is a mechanical aspect of accounting?
a. Analyzing the transactions preparatory to the recording process
b. Preparation of the financial budget
c. Reviewing the effectiveness of the internal control procedures
d. Designing the accounting system

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Accounting is the process of matching

  • [A] Benefits and Costs
  • [B] Revenues and Costs
  • [C] Cash inflows and outflows
  • [D] Potential and real performance

Choose the correct statement

  • [A] Keeping systematic recording of business transaction is not the function of financial accounting
  • [B] Accounting is concerned with monetary transactions
  • [C] Accounting is concerned with past as well as future events
  • [D] Business and Businessman are one and the same from accounting point of view

Accounting in modern age is regarded as ?

  • [A] The art of recording,classifying and summarizing the business transactions in monetary units
  • [B] The language of business
  • [C] The source of business information
  • [D] All of above