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The brow-antlered deer, found mainly in Manipur, is known as what in the local language?

[A] Krishna Mriga
[B] Jinka
[C] Markhor
[D] Sangai
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munawar mohammed
munawar mohammed - 2 months ago

munawar mohammed is saying Sangai is correct answer

M Hamza Aman
M Hamza Aman - 2 months ago

M Hamza Aman is saying Krishna Mriga is correct answer

Satish Kandala
Satish Kandala - 4 months ago

Satish Kandala is saying Markhor is correct answer

Dhaval Bhodia
Dhaval Bhodia - 4 months ago

Dhaval Bhodia is saying Krishna Mriga is correct answer

Highlights Lhn
Highlights Lhn - 6 months ago

Highlights Lhn is saying Jinka is correct answer

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