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Borders can be applied to..

  • [A] Cells
  • [B] Text
  • [C] Paragraph
  • [D] All of above

A bookmark is an item or location in document that you identify a name for future Reference.Which of the following task is accomplished by using bookmarks?

  • [A] To mark the ending of a page of document
  • [B] To quickly jump to a specific location in the document
  • [C] To add hyperlinks in a web page
  • [D] None of These

Why Drop Caps are used in document?

  • [A] To drop all the capital letters
  • [B] To automatically begin each paragraph with capital letter
  • [C] To begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter
  • [D] None of above

The minimum number of rows and columns in MS Word document is

  • [A] 1 and 1
  • [B] 2 and 1
  • [C] 2 and 2
  • [D] None of above