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if in certain code language 135 means "Ram is a boy", 124 means "Mohan is a man", then what will be the code for "is;?

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The factors which are most important in determining the impact of anthropocentric activities on environment are ?

  • [A] Population, affluence per person, land available per person
  • [B] Population, affluence per person and technology used for exploiting resources
  • [C] Atmospheric conditions, population and forest cover
  • [D] Population, forest cover and land available per person

The term 'grapevine' is also known as ?

  • [A] Downward communication
  • [B] Informal communication
  • [C] Upward communication
  • [D] Horizontal communication

A deductive argument is invalid if ?

  • [A] Its premises and conclusions are all false
  • [B] Its premises are true but its conclusion is false
  • [C] Its premises are false but its conclusion is true
  • [D] Its premises and conclusions are all true