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What surname do the businessmen Ghanshyam Das, Krishna Kumari Basant Kumar, Aditya Vikram and Kumar Mangalam share?

[A] Ambani
[B] Tata
[C] Birla
[D] Bajaj
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veeresh hiremath
veeresh hiremath - 1 week ago

veeresh hiremath is saying Birla is correct answer

AUGGY SPIDER - 1 month ago

AUGGY SPIDER is saying Tata is correct answer

NAISHA BERIWAL - 1 month ago

NAISHA BERIWAL is saying Ambani is correct answer

G. Navajith Kumar Navajith
G. Navajith Kumar Navajith - 2 months ago

G. Navajith Kumar Navajith is saying Birla is correct answer

Hussnain Iqbal
Hussnain Iqbal - 2 months ago

Hussnain Iqbal is saying Birla is correct answer

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