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A man can do a piece of work in 7 days, but with the help of his son, he can do it in 5 days. In what time can the son do it alone?
एक व्यक्ति एक काम को 7 दिन में कर सकता है, लेकिन अपने बेटे की मदद से वह इसे 5 दिनों में कर सकता है| लड़का अकेले इसे कितने समय में पूरा कर सकता है?

[A] <span class="math-tex">\(17\frac{1}{2}\;\)</span> days<br/><span class="math-tex">\(17\frac{1}{2}\;\)</span> दिन
[B] 18 days<br/>18 दिन
[C] <span class="math-tex">\(12\frac{1}{2}\)</span> days<br/><span class="math-tex">\(12\frac{1}{2}\)</span> दिन
[D] <span class="math-tex">\(16\frac{1}{2}\)</span> days<br/><span class="math-tex">\(16\frac{1}{2}\)</span> दिन
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ram manohar
ram manohar - 2 years ago

ram manohar from Hyderabad, India is saying \(17\frac{1}{2}\;\) days
\(17\frac{1}{2}\;\) दिन
is correct answer

Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 3 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying 18 days
18 दिन
is correct answer

SARANG - 3 years ago

SARANG from Patna, India is saying \(17\frac{1}{2}\;\) days
\(17\frac{1}{2}\;\) दिन
is correct answer

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