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A piece of paper is folded and cut as shown below in the question figures. From the given answer figures, indicate how it will appear when opened?

एक कागज को प्रश्न में दिखाए गए चित्रों के अनुसार मोड़ा गया। आपको यह पता करना है कि जब इसे खोला जाएगा तो यह कैसा दिखाई देगा?

[A] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/16/01/SSC%20CGL%20ST3_2016_LR_Images-Q36.1.PNG" style="height:123px; width:124px" /><br/><img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/16/01/SSC%20CGL%20ST3_2016_LR_Images-Q36.1.PNG
[B] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/16/01/SSC%20CGL%20ST3_2016_LR_Images-Q36.2.PNG" style="height:123px; width:123px" />
[C] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/16/01/SSC%20CGL%20ST3_2016_LR_Images-Q36.3.PNG" style="height:125px; width:123px" />
[D] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/16/01/SSC%20CGL%20ST3_2016_LR_Images-Q36.4.PNG" style="height:122px; width:126px" />
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