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From the given answer figures, select the one in which the question figure is hidden / embedded.

उत्तर में दिए गये चित्रों में से, वह चित्र कौनसा है जो प्रश्न में छिपा हुआ है?

[A] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/17/01/Railway%20LT2_3%20translated_images_Q4a.PNG" style="height:95px; width:93px" />
[B] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/17/01/Railway%20LT2_3%20translated_images_Q4b.PNG" style="height:96px; width:93px" />
[C] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/17/01/Railway%20LT2_3%20translated_images_Q4c.PNG" style="height:96px; width:95px" /><br/><img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/17/01/Railway%20LT2_3%20translated_images_Q4c
[D] <img alt="" src="//storage.googleapis.com/tb-img/production/17/01/Railway%20LT2_3%20translated_images_Q4d.PNG" style="height:96px; width:97px" />
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nikita - 3 years ago

plz explain this ans

Deepali Das
Deepali Das - 1 year ago

Deepali Das from Aurangabad, India is saying is correct answer

RAJU SAHU - 1 year ago

RAJU SAHU from Raipur, India is saying

ram manohar
ram manohar - 2 years ago

ram manohar from Hyderabad, India is saying

Madan Murari Singh
Madan Murari Singh - 3 years ago

Madan Murari Singh from Patna, India is saying

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