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The 2013 film 'Lootera' is partly based on which short story by O'Henry ?

[A] The Ransom of Red Chief
[B] The Gift of the Magi
[C] The Last leaf
[D] The Third Ingredient
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Souradeep Ghosh - 2 years ago

The last lraf

Jayesh Gomane - 4 years ago


Ria Jain
Ria Jain - 9 months ago

Ria Jain from Kolkata, India is saying The Gift of the Magi is correct answer

Shreya Shreya
Shreya Shreya - 11 months ago

Shreya Shreya from Kharagpur, India is saying The Last leaf is correct answer

Visva Jeet
Visva Jeet - 1 year ago

Visva Jeet from Bengaluru, India is saying The Last leaf is correct answer

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