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India on June 15 signed an agreement with which country to fight protectionism and increase investments?

[A] South Korea
[B] Japan
[D] Hungary
[E] Russia
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Atowar Rahman
Atowar Rahman - 3 years ago

Atowar Rahman from Bengaluru, India is saying USA is correct answer

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The India-Afghanistan air-freight corridor will be operated by which airlines company?
भारत-अफगान एयर फ्रेट कॉरिडोर का संचालन कौन सी एयरलाइन करेगी?

  • [A] Afghan Jet International
    अफगान जेट इंटरनेशनल
  • [B] East Horizon Airlines
    ईस्ट होरिजन एयरलाइंस
  • [C] Kam Air
    काम एयर
  • [D] Khyber Afghan Airlines    
    ख़ैबर अफगान एयरलाइंस
  • [E]

    Ariana Afghan Airlines

    एरियाना अफगान एयरलाइंस