6 years ago in KBC 7 - Episode 2

On a restaurant menu, which of these items is often listed as 'Jeera', 'Curd', 'Boiled' or 'Fried'?

[A] Manchurian
[B] Burger
[C] Rice
[D] Pasta
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Ansari Shoyab
Ansari Shoyab - 1 month ago

Ansari Shoyab is saying Burger is correct answer

Prem Mangal
Prem Mangal - 3 months ago

Prem Mangal from Bengaluru, India is saying Rice is correct answer

Khushwant Kumar
Khushwant Kumar - 3 months ago

Khushwant Kumar from Patna, India is saying Rice is correct answer

Hasnat Mollick
Hasnat Mollick - 5 months ago

Hasnat Mollick from Kolkata, India is saying Manchurian is correct answer

Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh - 1 year ago

Gaurav Singh is saying Pasta is correct answer

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