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How many thousands rupee notes would your need to become a crorepati?

[A] 100
[B] 1000
[C] 10000
[D] 100000
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vishwambhar ingole - 3 years ago

There are five zeroes are in a crore

deepanjali singh
deepanjali singh - 3 months ago

deepanjali singh is saying 10000 is correct answer

ramesh babu chirumamilla
ramesh babu chirumamilla - 5 months ago

ramesh babu chirumamilla from Bengaluru, India is saying 10000 is correct answer

lopesh patel
lopesh patel - 8 months ago

lopesh patel is saying 100000 is correct answer

Shreenath Machine
Shreenath Machine - 8 months ago

Shreenath Machine is saying 10000 is correct answer

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