6 years ago in KBC 7 - Episode 4

Which of these kinds of leave men cannot take?

[A] Sick leave
[B] Paternity leave
[C] Casual leave
[D] Maternity leave
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komal kondal
komal kondal - 6 days ago

komal kondal is saying Maternity leave is correct answer

Shilpa Jevur
Shilpa Jevur - 2 months ago

Shilpa Jevur is saying Casual leave is correct answer

Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh - 7 months ago

Poonam Singh is saying Paternity leave is correct answer

chandeshwar chudhry
chandeshwar chudhry - 8 months ago

chandeshwar chudhry is saying Casual leave is correct answer

Shreenath Machine
Shreenath Machine - 8 months ago

Shreenath Machine is saying Sick leave is correct answer

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