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Which of these is a piece of the game called as chess:

[A] Wazir
[B] Nawab
[C] Sarpanch
[D] Patbari
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Hamza Mansuri
Hamza Mansuri - 3 months ago

Hamza Mansuri is saying Wazir is correct answer

Patel Dipen
Patel Dipen - 10 months ago

Patel Dipen from Vadodara, India is saying Wazir is correct answer

Sarathi Sam
Sarathi Sam - 10 months ago

Sarathi Sam from Ernakulam, India is saying Sarpanch is correct answer

Arun Raj
Arun Raj - 10 months ago

Arun Raj is saying Sarpanch is correct answer

Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh - 11 months ago

Poonam Singh is saying Nawab is correct answer

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