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Which of terms is used to denote food that is permissible for consumption according to Islamic law?

[A] Jhatka
[B] Haram
[C] Halal
[D] Kosher
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Suranjan Das
Suranjan Das - 4 years ago

Suranjan Das from Thane, India is saying Halal is correct answer

AR Makers
AR Makers - 4 years ago

AR Makers from Bhilai Charoda, India is saying Jhatka is correct answer

srikanth - 4 years ago

srikanth from Hyderabad, India is saying Halal is correct answer

Projata mukherjee
Projata mukherjee - 4 years ago

Projata mukherjee from Barakpur, India is saying Halal is correct answer

Pradeep Kumar Awasthi
Pradeep Kumar Awasthi - 4 years ago

Pradeep Kumar Awasthi from India is saying Halal is correct answer

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