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Who was the chairman of the Indian Calendar Reform Committee that initiated the adoption of Saka calendar as the Indian national Calendar ?

[A] Meghnad Saha
[B] Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
[C] Prabodh Chandra Sengupta
[D] Vainu Bappu
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Antara More - 3 years ago

A) Meghand Saha

Surya Bhai - 3 years ago


Valji Jivabhai Shingala
Valji Jivabhai Shingala - 6 months ago

Valji Jivabhai Shingala from Rajkot, India is saying Vainu Bappu is correct answer

Lalitha Phanisree
Lalitha Phanisree - 7 months ago

Lalitha Phanisree is saying Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar is correct answer

Ria Jain
Ria Jain - 9 months ago

Ria Jain from Kolkata, India is saying Meghnad Saha is correct answer

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