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What is the language mostly used in Madhya Pradesh?

[A] Hindi
[B] Marathi
[C] English
[D] Malayalam
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Mahfooz Alam
Mahfooz Alam - 7 months ago

Mahfooz Alam from Patna, India is saying Marathi is correct answer

Sandeep Shirsat
Sandeep Shirsat - 10 months ago

Sandeep Shirsat from Mumbai, India is saying Hindi is correct answer

Manvendra Singh Rawat
Manvendra Singh Rawat - 10 months ago

Manvendra Singh Rawat from Delhi, India is saying Hindi is correct answer

Sunil Kumar R
Sunil Kumar R - 1 year ago

Sunil Kumar R from Bengaluru, India is saying Hindi is correct answer

Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh - 1 year ago

Rahul Singh from Mumbai, India is saying Hindi is correct answer

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