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Question 20.Identify the diagram that best represents the relationship among classes given below

वह आरेख चुनिए जो नीचे दिए गए वर्गों के बीच सही सम्बन्ध को दर्शाता है ?

Delhi , Sri Lanka , Asia

[A] <br><img src='http://www.eduzip.com/ssc/11-sep-2016%204-15_files/A38_20A.jpg' alt=''><br>
[B] <br><img src='http://www.eduzip.com/ssc/11-sep-2016%204-15_files/A38_20B.jpg' alt=''><br>
[C] <br><img src='http://www.eduzip.com/ssc/11-sep-2016%204-15_files/A38_20C.jpg' alt=''><br>
[D] <br><img src='http://www.eduzip.com/ssc/11-sep-2016%204-15_files/A38_20D.jpg' alt=''><br>
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Shiva Tiwari
Shiva Tiwari - 1 year ago

Shiva Tiwari from Lucknow, India is saying

is correct answer

SHARMILA NT - 3 years ago

SHARMILA NT from Chennai, India is saying

is correct answer

Tanvi Pathare
Tanvi Pathare - 3 years ago

Tanvi Pathare from Mumbai, India is saying

is correct answer

Abhishek Sharma Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Sharma - 3 years ago

Abhishek Sharma Sharma from Gorakhpur, India is saying

is correct answer

Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 3 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying

is correct answer

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Question 34.Which is used as an Air pollution indicator?

वायु प्रदूषण सूचक के रूप में निम्‍नलिखित में से कौन काम आता है ?

  • [A] Algae
  • [B] Fungi
  • [C] Bacteria

  • [D] Lichens


Question 45.What is MUDRA?

मुद्रा (MUDRA) क्‍या है ?

  • [A] Development and Refinance Agency
    विकास और पुनर्वित्‍त एजेन्‍सी
  • [B] Scheme for Agricultural Insurance
    कृषि बीमा योजना
  • [C] New Planet Discovered
    खोजा गया नया ग्रह
  • [D] Development and Regulatory Authority for Urban Township
    शहरी नगरीकरण के लिए विकास और नियामक प्राधिकरण