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A T-series bacteriophage can be recognized by its

[A] irregular shape
[B] rounded shape
[C] tadpole shape
[D] rhomboidal shape
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Akashdeep Dey
Akashdeep Dey - 9 months ago

Akashdeep Dey is saying tadpole shape is correct answer

Aditya THE CAR LOVER - 1 year ago

Aditya THE CAR LOVER is saying tadpole shape is correct answer

Mahantesh janjeer
Mahantesh janjeer - 1 year ago

Mahantesh janjeer from Bengaluru, India is saying rounded shape is correct answer

Divya Pidishetty
Divya Pidishetty - 3 years ago

Divya Pidishetty from Mumbai, India is saying tadpole shape is correct answer

omer abdullah shaikh
omer abdullah shaikh - 3 years ago

omer abdullah shaikh from Hyderabad, India is saying rhomboidal shape is correct answer

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