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Which one of the following in Spirogyra is different based on its nucleus?

[A] Zygospore
[B] Azygospore
[C] Aplanospore
[D] Akinete
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Chinmayee Mickon
Chinmayee Mickon - 10 months ago

Chinmayee Mickon is saying Azygospore is correct answer

Mahantesh janjeer
Mahantesh janjeer - 1 year ago

Mahantesh janjeer from Bengaluru, India is saying Aplanospore is correct answer

Duke Tholath
Duke Tholath - 3 years ago

Duke Tholath from Edavilangu, India is saying Azygospore is correct answer

nabila - 3 years ago

nabila from Islamabad, Pakistan is saying Akinete is correct answer

Udita Kumari
Udita Kumari - 3 years ago

Udita Kumari from Bekobar, India is saying Akinete is correct answer

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