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Which country has won the most Paralympic medals?

[A] United States
[B] Germany
[C] China
[D] Canada
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Palani Vel
Palani Vel - 10 months ago

Palani Vel from Coimbatore, India is saying China is correct answer

Purva Khandelwal
Purva Khandelwal - 1 year ago

Purva Khandelwal from Mumbai, India is saying Canada is correct answer

Nishtha Joshi
Nishtha Joshi - 1 year ago

Nishtha Joshi is saying United States is correct answer

Veer dor Shah
Veer dor Shah - 1 year ago

Veer dor Shah is saying Germany is correct answer

anant undre
anant undre - 1 year ago

anant undre from Nagpur, India is saying China is correct answer

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When were the first paralympic games?

  • [A] 1960
  • [B] 1940
  • [C] 1976
  • [D] 1992

Who is the most decorated Paralympian in the history of the Games?

  • [A] Trischa Zorn of USA
  • [B] Mike Kenny of Great Britain
  • [C] Jonas Jacobsson of Sweden
  • [D] Erin Popovich of USA

Who will host the winter Paralympics in 2018?

  • [A] Brazil
  • [B] Austria
  • [C] south Korea
  • [D] Norway

What is the motto of the Paralympic Games?

  • [A] "Never Broken by Hardship or Battle"
  • [B] "World in Motion"
  • [C] "Spirit in Motion"
  • [D] "To Conquer is to Live"