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Make pale by excluding lights

[A] Etiolate
[B] Percolate
[C] Procreate
[D] Foliate
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Tshewang Bhutia
Tshewang Bhutia - 1 year ago

Tshewang Bhutia from Gangtok, India is saying Etiolate is correct answer

Shantanu Chauhan
Shantanu Chauhan - 1 year ago

Shantanu Chauhan from Ghaziabad, India is saying Etiolate is correct answer

Akash Jashu
Akash Jashu - 2 years ago

Akash Jashu from Kolkata, India is saying Percolate is correct answer

Nayana - 2 years ago

Nayana from Mangalore, India is saying Etiolate is correct answer

Washim Akram Hoque
Washim Akram Hoque - 3 years ago

Washim Akram Hoque from Jorhat, India is saying Foliate is correct answer

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