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The density of the inner core of the earth is high due to ?

[A] More iron
[B] Less Nickel
[C] Less Silicon
[D] All of above
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Suray Chakraborty
Suray Chakraborty - 2 years ago

Suray Chakraborty from Jatani, India is saying More iron is correct answer

VAIBHAV SHARMA - 2 years ago

VAIBHAV SHARMA from Noida, India is saying All of above is correct answer

harathi - 3 years ago

harathi from Addanki, India is saying More iron is correct answer

VINOD KUMAR - 3 years ago

VINOD KUMAR from Jammu, India is saying Less Nickel is correct answer

Bural Namli
Bural Namli - 3 years ago

Bural Namli from Mumbai, India is saying More iron is correct answer

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Which of the following is the middle layer of earth ?

  • [A] Core
  • [B] Mantle
  • [C] Crust
  • [D] Basalt

The outer core of the earth is in molten condition due to ?

  • [A] Less pressure than inner core
  • [B] Magnesium
  • [C] basalt
  • [D] Granite

The core of the earth contains layers called ?

  • [A] Outer Core
  • [B] Inner Core
  • [C] Mantle
  • [D] a and b

The rocks present in the crust of the earth are ?

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  • [B] Basalt
  • [C] a and b
  • [D] Nickle

The temperature in the inner core of earth is ?

  • [A] 3000 degree c
  • [B] 4000 degree c
  • [C] 5000 degree c
  • [D] 6000 degree c