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What is the amount of blood filtered by the Kidney within a minute ?

[A] 1200 ml
[B] 1600 ml
[C] 600 ml
[D] 800 ml
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SHIBANI PRADHAN - 3 years ago

you both are right.

Love Empire - 4 years ago

The filteration rate of kidney normally is 90-120ml/min .....if it is less than 60ml then kidney is damaged !

Guest - 5 years ago

The normal kidney filtration rate is 120 ml/min.

أسامة مجدى
أسامة مجدى - 2 months ago

أسامة مجدى is saying 1200 ml is correct answer

Basavaraj Patil
Basavaraj Patil - 4 months ago

Basavaraj Patil from Athani, India is saying 600 ml is correct answer

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